Sustainability in black and white

Certified cultivation, for a better environment

At Hofland Flowering Plants, we don’t just say that we prefer to grow sustainably, we also prove it with our floriculture certificates that demonstrate our respect for Mother Earth. Good working conditions are another area we take seriously. View all our certificates.


MPS's motto is, ‘Together, we can make the sector more sustainable worldwide'. Together with MPS, we’re committed to improving the sustainability of the global horticultural sector. Various certificates make the efforts of horticultural businesses to promote sustainability clear and measurable. To put this into practice, we develop and manage various certificates and online/offline tools. Hofland Flowering Plants is affiliated with MPS, and possesses the following certificates:

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Sedex is the certification system for our UK retail customers. It’s comparable to the MPS certificate, but specific to the UK. Sedex's mission is to use data-driven insights, tools and services to help companies continuously improve environmental, social and governance (ESG) results. Sedex is a link in making global supply chains more sustainable in social and ecological terms. Hofland Flowering Plants is part of this supply chain.

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Plant passport

As growers of a living product, we’re required by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority to have a plant passport for each flowering plant, a rule introduced a number of years ago. The plant passport is a collection of mandatory information that must be documented when trading plants in the European Union (EU). It states the identity and origin of the shipment, and allows the original producer to be traced. We comply with the legal requirement to provide a plant passport with each pot by printing the plant passport for all our flowering plants on the pot itself. An overview of our plant passports per flowering plant:

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