Argyranthemum, already in full bloom in the spring

Flowers all summer long

This marguerite daisy is a joy to behold with its spring flowers. This plant likes some strong sunlight, so a sunny area presents no problems. Make sure that the soil remains moist to prevent the plant drying out. If spent flowers are removed, new ones will appear. The marguerite daisy continues to bloom profusely all summer long, providing a cheerful spectacle in your garden. 

Which types of Argyranthemum do we grow?

White is the best colour for an Argyranthemum or marguerite daisy. We grow this spring flowering plant in a 10.5-cm growing pot. The daisy looks very cheerful in a pot, bowl, or border in the spring. The Argyranthemum is easy to look after thanks to the care tips on the pot and our plant passport. More info about this Argyranthemum?

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Argyranthemum DSC03123 low
Argyranthemum DSC03000 low
Argyranthemum DSC03097 low

Our tips on caring for Argyranthemum

Likes to be outside

Does well in direct sunlight

Water normally and keep the potting soil moist

Give fertiliser once a month

Not suitable for consumption

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