Schlumbergera, both a flowering plant and a green plant

A magnificent new blaze of colours, time and time again

The Schlumbergera is also known as the Christmas cactus. It’s actually a succulent, but a flowering variety. The Christmas cactus originated in Brazil, where the plant grows on tree trunks. The Schlumbergera blooms when the days are short, providing a display of beautiful red, white, pink, purple, or orange flowers. 

We grow Schlumbergeras in different pot sizes

Our mini variety (7 cm) grows into a mature plant with buds in 6 months, while our maxi variety (17 cm) takes no less than 14 months. When the plant has finished flowering, you can still enjoy it as a green plant. Some good care also does wonders; the flowers of Schlumbergera are a source of constant amazement in the autumn with their blaze of colours. More info about all our Christmas cacti?

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Schlumbergera DSC 7352 low
Schlumbergera Kerststuk OZ
Schlumbergera DSC03269 low
Schlumbergera HFP foto 08

Our tips on caring for Schlumbergera

Prefers to be kept indoors

Partial shade is fine

Remove faded flowers

A temperature of around 18 ° C is ideal

Water normally, and keep the potting soil moist

Give fertiliser once a month

Not suitable for consumption

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