Calibrachoa, a sun and shade lover

Difficult name, easy to look after

This richly flowering, colourful plant flourishes in strong sunlight, but can also grow well in light shade. If the soil remains moist, the plant will continuously treat you with new flowers. Spent flowers fall off by themselves. So, although the name of this plant might not be the easiest to pronounce, it’s an asset to the garden that’s very easy to care for.

What types of Calibrachoa do we grow?

We grow Calbrachoa in every colour of the rainbow, with bi-colour flowers, double-flowered or single flowered. They are grown in 10.5-cm pots, so they can easily be planted together in a larger pot, container, bowl or border. One thing is certain; few other plants can match Calibrachoa’s magnificent display of colour. More info about our Calibrachoa? 

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Calibrachoa DSC03098 low
Calibrachoa blauw geel
Calibrachoa dubbel bloemig
Calibrachoa purple

Our tips on caring for Calibrachoa

Prefers to be outside

Can be placed in direct sunlight

Water normally and keep the potting soil moist

Give fertiliser once a month

Not suitable for consumption

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