Hofland Flowering Plants, blooming and booming for five generations

Natural-born Westland growers

Hofland has been a family business since the late 19th century, so for well over a hundred years. A lot has changed in this time, such as the crops, the techniques, and the area devoted to cultivation. However, one thing has remained constant; the spirit of a Westland family business.

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A growing range

Hofland Flowering Plants has grown into one of the bigger suppliers of flowering plants. What sets us apart is that we specialise in an unusual range. Customers can admire several types of flowering plants in our 6 hectares of greenhouses in Naaldwijk. Schlumbergera, the transplant better known as Christmas cactus, is still our main crop.

Our Schlumbergera

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Breeder for the whole of Europe

Thanks to our membership of the Decorum growers' association, our marketing has a solid foundation. It facilitates the distribution of Hofland Flowering Plants throughout Europe, where they can be bought at various sales outlets, such as premium florists, garden centres, and hardware stores.

Our range